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Carving Sets

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Sabatier Standard Carving Set. This 2-piece set is useful for all forms of general carving. It features the Turkish sword yatagan knife blade with a curved fork. Fits perfectly with the Lisse table/steak set.

Rosewood Finish Standard Carving Set
Green Standard Carving Set
White Standard Carving Set

Sabatier Master Carving Set. This 2-piece set is preferred by most professionals. Just the perfect amount of rigidity, yet flexible enough for carving larger than normal birds or rack of lamb. It can be used easily on smaller pieces as well. This is a "Thiers-Issard Sabatier" creation and is a perfect match for the Mastersteak table/steak set.

Rosewood Finish Master Carving Set
Green Master Carving Set
White Master Carving Set

Available Colors

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